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Carbon footprint

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What is the carbon footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is understood as "the totality of greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect by an individual, organization, event or product". The Carbon Footprint of an organization measures all the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect from the development of the activity of said organization

(World Resources Institute, 2010).

What is the Carbon Footprint for?

Autocares Casal includes the Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of your company as evidence of its concern and involvement in relation to the fight against climate change. The Carbon Footprint constitutes an important element in the Law of measures against climate change and for the transition towards a new energy model in Andalusia. The contribution of Andalusian companies to the mitigation of climate change is essential to help meet the objectives proposed by the European Union.

The Carbon Footprint analysis once carried out provides an immediate result that can be used as a global environmental indicator of the activity carried out by Autocares Casal and its environmental involvement, especially in the current Climate Emergency.

The calculation of the Carbon Footprint, of a voluntary nature so far, although essential to face the challenges posed in the climate emergency state, is configured, as well as a basic reference point for the start of actions to reduce energy consumption and of greenhouse gas emissions, and for the use of resources and materials with better environmental performance in a sustainability scenario. With the calculation of the Carbon Footprint, Autocares Casal is positioned at the forefront of the Climate Emergency with concrete actions. At the business level, this indicator is key to be validated at the quality level.

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